May 8

Apr 18

If You Left Me a Voicemail in the Last Year I Just Got It

I just got around to resetting my voicemail password I had been locked out of for about 1 year and listened to 29 voicemails including several I definitely should have responded to for professional reasons. It was like a really strange year-in-review show for my life.   

Apr 6

I just finished Infinite Jest and my head is exploding. 

Feb 21

Feb 14

Excited about this album but the tour isn’t coming to Baltimore wth Avey don’t you want to say hi to your mom or something? 

Feb 10

Almost a little too pleasant???

Feb 3

Kind of thought I didn’t like music that sounds like this anymore but turns out I do + the vocals sound like Tokyo Police Club. 

Jan 31

Rachael:  By the way, there’s no stove.

Sent at 11:53 AM on Friday

me:  what?

Sent at 11:55 AM on Friday

Rachael:  There was a squirrel in it! I thought we had a giant mouse (or a rat). It chewed through the wires and the stove stopped working. It opened a box of chocolates and ate some of them. The exterminator came and we had to take the stove outside and shake the squirrel out of it. And then foxy stepped on a glue board and had to be freed.  It was an exciting evening last night.

Jan 28

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